Furlough receives last minute reprieve - weeks after calls by Northern Mayors were rejected

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The Furlough Scheme got a temporary reprieve last night - as the PM announced a new month long national lockdown. This comes just weeks after similar requests from local leaders in the North were rejected.  The last minute U-turn was too late for many furloughed workers across the country, however, who’d already been laid off from their jobs.

Covid 19: What is the Story Behind Soaring Trade Union Membership Numbers in Some Sectors?

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Trade union membership has risen sharply during the Covid 19 crisis. This is in direct response to growing concerns about working conditions and fears of redundancy. Their role in negotiating the furlough and job retention schemes has also put them directly in the spotlight. But where are the new members coming from - and what does this all tell us?

Did Spiralling Cases on University Campuses Contribute to the Government’s Covid 19 Data Crash?

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Reports that key Covid 19 data had been lost, as a result of a ‘spreadsheet crash’, were all across the news yesterday. And this latest twist in the test and trace tale uncovered some decidedly shaky systems. But how much did an influx of new cases on university campuses contribute to this problem? And what does it tell us about the robustness of data - and government strategy?

Comparing Covid 19 statistics: what is different data telling us?

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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the results of its latest Covid 19 Infection (Pilot) Survey on 2 October.  This involves random sampling of the population - so it’s similar to REACT, which we looked at in our last post. But does it highlight any key trends that tests of symptomatic people haven’t? And what is all this different data really telling us? 

Are Young People Really Responsible for the Recent Rise in Covid 19 Cases?

The government has blamed young people for a reported rise in Coronavirus cases. And attributed it to this age group’s lack of adherence to the guidelines. But is there really any strong data to substantiate that claim? We decided to look into these statements more closely…