Section 21: Whatever happened to the Conservatives’ manifesto pledge on ‘no fault' eviction’?

Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick, has announced temporary protections for tenants living under local lockdown restrictions. And a short ‘truce’ on eviction proceedings over Christmas. So we thought we’d look back at what his party had already promised. Including the commitments they were actually elected on.

Surveys Show Renters at Risk from “Tsunami of Evictions” When Government Ban Ends

Housing charity Shelter, and the Mayor of London, have both made an alarming prediction...Unless the government acts quickly, we could soon see a “tsunami” of Covid 19 related evictions.

Covid 19: Why the Conservatives can’t claim it’s the core of their economic crisis

The UK economy is now officially in recession, following a record breaking 20.4% slump in Q2 But, before this is all cast as Covid 19 related, it’s important to look back a little bit further. The downward trend in GDP is part of a pattern

Why Addressing Inequality Would be the Best Obesity Strategy

Child eating a burger
The launch of the Conservative Party’s Obesity Strategy has been met with much media approval today. And it could be argued that anything which helps promote health and wellbeing Professionals and campaign groups have, however, raised a range of concerns about the wider debate.

Support for Independence Grows Despite Scotland’s Complex Coronavirus Record

Support for Scottish independence, and the SNP, has risen consistently throughout the Covid 19 crisis. And a ‘Sunday Times’ poll forecasts more success for Nicola Sturgeon in the Holyrood elections, next year. But why do people feel so positively about more constitutional change right now? Particularly when early predictions were that the pandemic might be unifying.