About us

About us

We’re an independent team working on data, media, research and communications projects. 

The group formed during the run up to last year’s election - and has gone on to explore common interests and objectives.

Our mission is: to be a go to information resource: and we’ll present the facts exactly as we find them. We’re also here to help provide counter balance to the mainstream narrative. And press for reform - in our media and the digital environment.

The Working Group will always present accurate, timely information you can rely on. And, by combining our skills behind a common cause, we hope to promote greater understanding.

Our values are rooted in honesty, transparency and equality. And you can trust that our findings are guided by those beliefs.

How do we achieve this? By creating a suite of scaleable tools and reference databases, rooted in media and data research. And analysing the information within them to highlight key findings and trends.

Mapping the Covid 19 crisis: Our first project is inevitably based around the current Coronavirus crisis, and our aim is to uncover some valuable insights. 

We’ve employed a three tiered solution of website, database, and queryable data store to achieve this. You can discover more about our findings by exploring these pages...