Comparing Covid 19 statistics: what is different data telling us?

Doctor in testing laboratory
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) released the results of its latest Covid 19 Infection (Pilot) Survey on 2 October.  This involves random sampling of the population - so it’s similar to REACT, which we looked at in our last post. But does it highlight any key trends that tests of symptomatic people haven’t? And what is all this different data really telling us? 

Surveys Show Renters at Risk from “Tsunami of Evictions” When Government Ban Ends

Housing charity Shelter, and the Mayor of London, have both made an alarming prediction...Unless the government acts quickly, we could soon see a “tsunami” of Covid 19 related evictions.

Covid 19: Why the Conservatives can’t claim it’s the core of their economic crisis

The UK economy is now officially in recession, following a record breaking 20.4% slump in Q2 But, before this is all cast as Covid 19 related, it’s important to look back a little bit further. The downward trend in GDP is part of a pattern